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Thank you for visiting our website and showing your interest in E.ON România S.R.L. Protecting your personal data (name, address, phone no. incl. e-mail address) is something we take seriously and consider to be of paramount importance. This is why all our web-related activities comply with data protection and data security laws.

Information regarding the processing of personal data, in the sense of article 12 of the Law No. 677/2001 for personal protection concerning the processing of personal data, as well as the free circulation of these data

E.ON România S.R.L.,  processor of personal data, would like to provide information on the following issues:

1. Categories of personal data concerned
Identification data: Name (name, surname, title etc.); Company / business role / profession; Address (street, town etc.); Telephone / Fax no(s); E-mail address(es);

Contractual Data: Customer number / Contract number, Creditworthiness score, Payment terms / Invoicing data, Dunning data (payment memento etc.), Measuring data / Consumption data, Bank account/credit card data

Individual data: Telephone traffic data; Log file data; Vocal recordings of conversations.

2. Recipients
Given the outsourcing of the IT operational services to Hewlett-Packard (“HP”), the Company will benefit of the user support service “IT Service Desk”, supplied by HP from two locations: Sofia (Bulgaria) during regular office hours (08:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.) and Bangalore (India) outside these hours. At the same time, it has been decided to outsource the specialized support for the development and adjusting of applications (programming) to the company Capgemini Pvt. Ltd., with the headquarters in India.
For this reason, as far as the services provided by HP are concerned, the data bases of the E.ON employees are located at the E.ON Data Centers in Germany and the helpdesk agents – both in Sofia and in Bangalore – remotely access these data only when necessary.

The services rendered by Capgemini are provided in a similar manner, as, when the company receives orders of application adjustment or development, it carries out the related activities on the relevant servers (e.g. SAP, Dev (i.e. Development) systems and Q (i.e. testing) systems, also located at the E.ON Data Centers in Germany.

3. Purpose of Personal Data Processing
Data processing by service providers aims at optimizing data management in the IT structure, thus ensuring the following services:

  • Remote IT support of the “Service Desk” type for all PC users from the E.ON Romania companies;
  • Programming support for the development and/or adjusting of the applications used by the companies of the E.ON Romania Group;
  • Tracking of user issued orders and their completion.

“Data processing” means storage, alteration, transfer, blocking, deleting and other uses of personal data.

4. Duration of Data Processing
Data processing will go on as long as the usage of data is requested in order to fulfill activities as mentioned under point 3. Data importers will delete the data when these will have fulfilled their purpose or will be blocked against subsequent processing.

5. Enforcement of the provisions of Law 677/2001
The rights granted by the provisions of Law 677/2001 apply to i.e. the right of access, the right of opposition and the right of intervention on personal data, the right of not being subject to an individual decision, under the circumstances of sending a written or electronic notification to the controller of personal data regarding the contact data provided on our website. The right to appeal to justice for safeguarding any rights granted by the provisions of Law 677/2001 is also recognized.

Personal Data

You are generally free to visit our pages without E.ON România requesting any personal data from you. Each time a Web page is called up, the following set of data is stored:

  • name of file accessed
  • date and time of Web page access
  • quantity of data transmitted
  • information as to whether page was successfully loaded
  • type of web browser used
  • inquiring domain

These data are analysed for internal company and statistical purposes, while the individual users remain anonymous. Each data set is deleted after 90 days.
Without your consent we will not collect any personal data via our Web pages. It is solely for you to decide whether or not to provide us with such data, e.g. as part of a survey or in connection with a contract.
We will, of course, respect any decision not to provide us with personal data for customer relations support. Furthermore, we undertake not to sell or otherwise market to third parties any personal data that is made available.


Various technical and organisational measures are in place to ensure the security of your personal data against accidental and/or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised persons.

Links to Other Web Pages

Whilst our website contains links to other websites, E.ON România is not responsible for the data protection strategies or the contents of such other websites.


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