"We sometimes tend to make rushed decisions about applying for a job. And the most important advice would be to choose not just a job, but a passion!"

Alina Cocu

Direct Billing Team Leader

Master Degree in French Literature 

How did you develop in your roles, within E.ON Business Services Cluj?
Since I joined the company, there have been a lot of changes. I have been involved with transitions and process improvements. I have gained new technical skills and achieved a trainer license - all of these through personal dedication and the high level of support offered by the team lead and the line manager. I soon realised I would enjoy a leading role! My ex-team lead and my line manager encouraged, advised and helped me grow towards the desired position, while an intense training program enhanced my people skills and opened up new perspectives for me.

What is, in your opinion, the most important benefit the company offers its employees and why?
The most important benefit is the support employees receive in developing their career paths in a flexible framework. This is a long-term benefit for everybody’s future and is not limited to the working period within the company. The flexible framework allows you to develop inside and outside of the working environment. For instance, by having a well-structured career path and a flexible working schedule, I was able to take important steps in my personal development and this year I’ll have my accounting degree.  

What do you enjoy most about your work?
Multiple reasons are convincing me every day to dedicate and involve myself in daily activities: We have a multicultural environment with a friendly atmosphere, and everyone is positive thinking and altruistic. We have a flexible program and challenges often arise so the work never gets boring.  Finally, we have supportive managers and, most importantly, colleagues, who have become my friends.

Are there any tips and recommendations that you would like to give candidates with regard to your experiences when applying for a job?
Whether it is your first ever job application or an application for a new position in the same or a different company, remember that perfection does not exist! There will always be ups and downs, therefore it is important to weigh your choices and think long-term. We sometimes tend to make rushed decisions about applying for a job. And the most important advice would be to choose not just a job, but a passion!

What does E.ON do to make your working life easier?
Once I found my path, I was given support, understanding and training to develop my skillset. These have contributed and are still contributing to improving my life at work.