E.ON Forum: We are ready to cope with the new challenges of the energy transition

Distribution networks need massive investment to remain competitive in the context of the new strategic objectives of the energy transition, while policy makers need to provide the necessary framework to encourage a profound transformation of existing business models. This was one of the conclusions of the online Forum "The Future of Utilities: Unlocking the Potential of Smart Grids within the Green Deal", organized on Tuesday, June 16th, by E.ON Romania, in the context of it's 15th anniversary of presence on the local market.


The scope of the Forum was to highlight the importance of digital transformation in the energy transition, the central role of distribution networks in the future energy world and the need of national strategies and legislative adjustments for boosting the investments.

The event, which enjoyed the online presence of over 150 participants, was hosted by Anca Dragu, Deputy General Manager of E.ON Romania and Professor PhD Jean-Michel Glachant, Director of the Florence School of Regulation.

In the opening remarks of the Forum, Dr. Thomas König, Member of the E.ON SE Board and Manfred Paasch, General Manager of E.ON Romania highlighted that E.ON is set up to cope with the energy trends and make the transition a success by showing its clear engagement to sustainability.

"Networks will also evolve into smart platforms that manage complex energy and data flows. Energy networks – power lines, transformer stations, smart meters, and the data links that enable them to talk to each other – will become the internet of energy. An interconnected, digitized energy system will create new prospects and new opportunities for people, companies and communities. At E.ON, we’re welcoming all these opportunities, but we are also committed to meeting all the related challenges”, said Dr. Thomas König, Member of the E.ON SE Board.

The participants agreed that the specific regulatory framework should be predictable and stable, providing real incentives – for both CAPEX and OPEX, as well as full acknowledgement of new investments in innovative network technologies within the regulated tariffs. On the same time, all  market players should bear in mind the degree of customer and current technology readiness to adapt to inovatove solutions, but also to ensure them the quality of services at reasonable prices.

Following the Forum, a Position Paper on “Smart Solutions for Tomorrow’s Grids” will be prepared and shared with relevant authorities.

You can watch the full event here.


  • Cristian-Silviu Buşoi, Chair of ITRE, European Parliament,
  • Iulian Octavian Stana, Secretary of State, Ministry of Environment,
  • Niculae Havrileţ, Secretary of State, Ministry of Economy,
  • Bogdan Chirițoiu, ACER Board Member & President of the Romanian Competition Authority,
  • Zoltan Nagy – Bege, Vice-president, Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority
  • Paola Bresesti, Managerial Adviser, EIB,
  • Henning Twickler, Policy Director, E.DSO,
  • Adrian Șuța, Director, Transelectrica SA,
  • Corina Popescu, CEO, Electrica SA,
  • Prof. PhD. Radu-Dumitru Pentiuc, Head of Electrical Engineering Department, University of Suceava,
  • Paul Șerbănescu, Director, the Environment Fund Administration,
  • Senior E.ON representatives from the main regional units.